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Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell Ministry – Campus Crusade for Christ

“I first met Larry Patton in November of 1984 when he joined our ministry tour to the Holy Land. Larry’s courage, determination, and true grit gave me an appreciation for him that has only increased over the years. I remember Larry’s great enthusiasm in swimming in the Dead Sea and his perseverance in climbing down Massada in spite of his cerebral palsy. Larry knew no one else in the group at the beginning of the tour, but by the end, everyone had been befriended and touched by this remarkable young man. Larry had prayed for healing of his handicap many times. I prayed with him for a miracle. A miracle came, but not the one we expected. Larry was healed from the inside out. Larry relinquished himself and his body totally to the Lord. Larry told God that he was willing to have cerebral palsy forever if He could use him more effectively that way.

As I told the tour group on Mount Nebo the five reasons Moses said he could not be used by God, Larry listened intently. One reason Moses believed God couldn’t use him was his stuttering. God took Moses, with all his limitations and shortcomings and used him for His glory. God then impressed upon Larry that if he were willing to be used, God could give Larry a clear voice to share the gospel. As an expression of his faith, Larry started a speaking ministry called Hurdling Handicaps.

Larry has made a big impact on my life and it has been with great joy that I have seen Hurdling Handicaps Speaking Ministries flourish over the years. I have invited Larry to speak along with myself at several different conferences. The results were stunning. Those who listened were overwhelmed with God’s grace and sufficiency in their lives instead of being crippled and defeated by their own limitations and shortcomings or as Larry says, “their handicaps”.

Larry’s life is an example of how God can work in extraordinary ways in ordinary people. God took what could have been a negative, defeating, depressing, situation and brought about victory. Larry’s message will cause you to hurdle your handicap, whether it be one seen or unseen known only to you on the inside. He is a living example of Philippians 4:13,”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Rock Campbell
Central Michigan Director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“In my years of ministry, I’ve met many wonderful speakers, but one young man stands out to me. His name is Larry Patton of Hurdling Handicaps.

Larry shares his struggles and triumphs in life as a young man with cerebral palsy. The visible hand of the Lord is seen in Larry’s encounters with athletes, coaches, friends and family. As I’ve worked with athletes, both amateur and professional; many of whom make their livings relying on physical strength, speed, and agility, Larry has challenged them to face the handicaps in their own lives. As we all face hardships in life, Larry presents the message of God’s love, no matter our situation or position in life.

Larry Patton has spoken at numerous FCA camps and has proven to be one of the highlights of our program year after year.”

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