Larry Patton, Founder & President
Larry Patton, Founder & President

Christian Motivational Speaker
Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Through Hurdling Handicaps Speaking Ministries, Larry Patton’s personal testimony grips the hearts of his audiences. His overwhelming trust in God and optimistic view will lift your spirits. As he leaps the hurdles in his life, people who hear him are motivated and inspired to overcome their own obstacles.

God bless you!

 HHSM Vision
Inspiring and encouraging you to draw closer to Christ

HHSM Mission

HHSM exists for people to hear and experience how God works in extraordinary and powerful ways. It is through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ that HHSM seeks to encourage others to face and hurdle all of life’s handicaps or challenges.

HHSM Core Values

·A Christ directed and focused ministry.
·Maintaining a high level of integrity.
·Continually striving for excellence.
·Being an encouragement & example because of what Jesus has done in my life.
·Always sharing and extending the love of Christ.
·Sharing that Christ is bigger than any of our challenges.

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